Stepping Feet performs as a tribute to The Dave Matthews Band as well as a corporate cover band. Stepping Feet is comprised of recording and touring musicians based out of the San Diego & Los Angeles area.  The band was founded in 2001 and still performs public and private events across the United States.

The band strives to emulate the energy of a live Dave Mattthews Band show without trying to mimmic DMB. Instead, Stepping Feet honors the wonderful musicianship and energy and showcases each individual's talent through the music of Dave Matthews.  

The band mainly performs special events with a few public shows a year mixed in.  Each member of the band has enjoyed tremendous success in the music industry and enjoys the opportunity to perform together.  

Mike Myrdal often performs solo around San Diego performing modern and classic rock hits from the past 40-50 years. webpage and schedule: mikemyrdalmusic.com 

Carter from the Dave Matthews Band caught Mike at a local resort. He approached Mike  and said, "I thought Dave (Matthews) was playing in the lobby.  I said, 'What is he doing?! Doesn't he know we have a show tomorrow'? Then I saw it wasn't Dave (Matthews)... It was you (Mike Myrdal)!  Awesome! Spot on brother"! 

"Our guests at Google Venture thought we actually brought in the Dave Matthews Band to perform at our annual summer concert event".  Bill Maris @ Google Ventures

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